Return policy

The Client will have a term of 14 calendar days counted from the date of receipt of the product for the return of the same. Not applicable to products sold "In bulk or by meters" which fall within the concept of "Personalized Products", such as fabrics, except that a complete piece is purchased.

Unless the return is made for defects in the product, the expenses related to the shipment will be assumed by the user. In any case the product must be returned in its original packaging and in perfect condition. To do this, they must direct their revocation and return the goods to: ALMACENES ARIAS, SL Pol. Ind. La Negrilla. Street Typography, 22 - 41016 (Seville). Phone: 954 253 150 E-mail:

Consequences of withdrawal and revocation.
In case of a valid withdrawal or revocation communication, the benefits received and the benefits obtained in their case (eg, interest) must be returned mutually. In the event that the buyer is unable to return the benefits received in whole or in part, or only in an impaired state, the buyer is obliged to compensate ALMACENES ARIAS, SL to the corresponding extent.

This rule will not apply if the deterioration of the product is due solely to its verification, as it would have been possible for it to occur, for example, in a retail store. In addition and to prevent the obligation of compensation as a result of the deterioration resulting from the proper use of the product, we recommend not to start using it as if it were your property, avoiding everything that could reduce its value (thus, the products should not have been used , washed or damaged, must retain their original label and must be returned in their original packaging).

The goods subject to return must be sent to ALMACENES ARIAS, SL Pol. Ind. La Negrilla. Street Typography, 22 - 41016 (Seville), at due cost and at the recipient's risk. The obligations for the restitution of payments and benefits will be fulfilled within a maximum period of 30 days. Said term begins for the buyer with the sending of his declaration of revocation or with the shipment -devolution- of the merchandise, and for ALMACENES ARIAS with the reception of the same.

Upon the return of the purchase price, the cost of shipping the items will be subtracted even in the case of "Free Shipping".