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Galleries Madrid in SIMOF 2018

XXIV Edition of SIMOF (International Flamenco Fashion Show)

Twenty-four years have passed since Seville became the world capital of flamenco fashion thanks to Doble Erre, the Palace of Exhibitions and Congresses of Seville (Fibes) and the International Flamenco Fashion Show (SIMOF).

As every year, Seville is responsible for carrying out the most important trade fair in the sector, which also is a sample of the only traditional national garments that follow fashions, create trends and are subject to continuous changes year after year turning this fair into an unmissable event and a reference of the Fashion of Spain.

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Types of fabrics for communion dresses

The fabrics for communion dresses begin to be demanded even though there are still some months left for that special time of the year.

What makes a first communion dress special, different, stylish and delicate, is determined by the types of fabrics we use for its preparation.

Although it might seem that there is still a long way to go before the arrival of spring and, with it, the time of communion, we should already plan all the preparations for the great celebration and, most importantly, devise the one that will be the dress of communion, what pattern we are going to follow and what fabrics we will use for that purpose.

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Telas Alpujarreñas, a classic renovated

Before we enter the attractive world of Alpujarras fabrics, let us investigate a little in its history: What they are and where they come from.

The Alpujarras fabrics, as its name implies, come from the valley of The Alpujarra located at the foot of Sierra Nevada, whose name, in turn, comes from Arabic al-bugscharra, meaning "Land of grass" or "Land of grass".

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Polipiel fabric. Advantages, uses and care

For those who are not very clear about what material we are talking about, we will clarify that the poly leather is a synthetic material that mimics the appearance of natural skin ...

In many cases, the imitation leather imitates the natural leather almost perfectly, but with the advantage of having a very competitive price, a great resistance and being a material that cleans very easily.

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Wanting the cold back to make use of the cloths for clothes stretcher?

Although stretched table fabrics currently have many differences with those stretcher tables that we remember from our grandmothers, (relics of crochet or crochet tablecloth and portraits or stamps on it), its essence remains the same : the pleasant comfort they provide.

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Ideas on Scottish plaid fabrics for school uniforms.

Ideas on plaid plaids for school uniforms.

You will always be right with the classic school uniforms made with Scottish plaid fabrics.

Each year, when the desired summer vacation ends for many of us, we also find those who miss the "desired" Back to School"of the children, the return to normality from day to day, in short, to the routine.

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