Facebook Contest Bases


1. Purpose and participation requirements

The organization of the promotional actions related to Promotions on Facebook is promoted by the company ALMACENES ARIAS, SL (hereinafter GALERIAS MADRID), a Spanish company, located in Seville, in Calle Artesa No.5 (PI Airport) CP 41020, established for an indefinite period of time, with CIF (VAT) number B-41027517 (hereinafter referred to as "THE ORGANIZER").

The objective of this promotion is to give away a gift to the fans of GALERIAS MADRID on Facebook, who through actions like "I LIKE", "SHARE" or "COMMENT" on our Fan Page, will have the right to participate in the promotion. GALERIAS MADRID will carry out a contest for promotional purposes aimed at people who legally reside in Spain and are over 18 years old, who are registered on Facebook, who at the time of their participation have "Liked" and keep liking the Facebook page of GALERIAS MADRID created on Facebook's platform and follow its procedure. The participants who will not complete all records of the participation form will be discarded. No more than one gift can be delivered to a person, user or address. All participants in the contest, by the mere fact of participation, accept the basis of this promotion, the rules governing their participation, the terms & conditions and the privacy policy and protection of the exposed data.

Individuals linked professionally to THE ORGANIZER or others who have participated directly or indirectly in the elaboration of the promotion, as well as their relatives up to the first degree cannot take place in the promotional contest.

2. Scope of application

The Promotion is open to natural persons residing legally in Spain - should also be over the age eighteen (18) at the time of participation. Such participation constitutes the full and unconditional acceptance of the present rules from the participant, being the decisions of THE ORGANIZER in all matters pertaining to the definitive promotion. The obtaining of a prize or gift depends on the fulfillment of all the requirements established in the present document.

3. Mechanics of contest and Participation Form

In the competition can participate all the individuals who by visiting the Facebook page of GALERIAS MADRID have taken the requested actions to participate in the draw of the fan page, then access the promotions tab and follow the instructions indicated by filling in all the necessary data to participate, all personal data requested must be completed, which must be true.

You can not share usernames or e-mail address from different participants. An attempt by a participant to obtain a greater number of shares of the indicated ones, using different email addresses, users, identities, registrations and entries to the system or platform, or any other method, will cancel all entries from the said participant, leading to the disqualification.
The use of automatic systems of participation is prohibited, giving rise, if necessary to disqualification. In case of conflict with respect to an inscription, the authorised holder of the account used to participate will be considered as a participant. Each of the possible winners may be asked to provide evidence of being the authorised holder of an account. The number of gifts is limited to 1 unit of the item being drawn.

Specific rules:
(I) The promotional prize or gift is personal and non-transferable.
(Ii) In order to be able to award or gift the prize, it will be essential to provide to GALERIAS MADRID a copy of your ID.
(Iii) The successful bidder or winner will have to sign a receipt or document justifying the delivery of the prize.

This promotion is free. Prizes or gifts may not under any circumstances be subject to change, alteration or compensation at the request of the winners and are not transferable without the authorisation of THE ORGANIZER . Neither the prize not the gift are exchangeable for their cash value. Prizes or gifts may be waived. In case there is no winner, THE ORGANIZER of the contest reserves the right to choose the destination of the prize or gift, not being obliged to award it to another participant.

XNUMX. Acknowledgments, authorisations and assignments of rights.

Winners and participants in this promotion expressly authorize ALMACENES ARIAS, S.L. , To reproduce, use and disseminate their name, surnames, image, texts and photographs uploaded to participate and any other information provided in any advertising and / or promotional activity that is related to this promotion, all in any medium, including internet, hang Photos on the web, without such activities conferring any right to remuneration or benefit, except for the delivery of the prize obtained according to these bases.
The participant gives ALMACENES ARIAS. Without limitation, all the rights and image that may correspond to him in his case by his participation and contribution in the contest. The assignment of the aforementioned rights is carried out, in any way, and during the legal term of said rights and for the global scope, allowing its exploitation in any modality, support, format, and through any technical procedure.

For the purposes of the legislation in force, the participant grants ALMACENES ARIAS, S.L. Express authorization to use, in accordance with the usual Internet uses, the data, photographs, texts, images and other works provided, as well as, in general, any other information related to it that may be considered convenient or necessary for the realization Or commercial exploitation.
In any case, the assignment of the aforementioned rights will be free of charge.

5. Responsibility.
ALMACENES ARIAS, S.L. does not acquire any contractual duty or obligation with the participants and reserves the right to cancel or delete any content without the consent of the participant and excludes any responsibility that could derive from errors in the arrival of comments due to Internet Service deficiencie. Likewise, ALMACENES ARIAS, S.L. reserves the right to discard the shares that it detects fraudulent or inappropriate according to the present RULES.

ALMACENES ARIAS, S.L. will not be responsible for any other damage in accordance with the Established Conditions, including those that have not been expressly mentioned.
Upon receipt of the prize, the winner agrees to exempt and hold harmless THE ORGANIZER And their respective branches, subsidiaries, suppliers, distributors, advertising / promotion agencies and award providers, as well as their respective parent companies and the delegates, administrators, employees and agents of said companies (collectively the "Released Parties") against any claim Or demand derived from participation in the Contest or receipt or misuse of any prize, to the extent permitted by applicable laws. Under no circumstances will this exemption affect your inalienable rights.
Except in cases where it is prohibited, participation in the Contest constitutes the consent of the winner to THE ORGANIZER And their agents use winner data; Such as name, surname, tastes, photograph, voice, options and / or email address and postal address, for promotional purposes in any medium, worldwide, for a year, without any payment or consideration.

THE ORGANIZER reserves the right to cancel, suspend and / or modify the Contest, in whole or in part, in case of fraud, technical errors, or when any factor beyond the Sponsor's reasonable control impedes the integrity or the proper functioning of the Contest, in Sponsor's view. THE ORGANIZER also reserves the right to disqualify any person who manipulates, in their understanding, the process of participation or operation of the Contest or acts in violation of these Terms or any other promotion or in a harmful or unsportsmanlike manner. Any attempt to deliberately prevent the legitimate operation of the Contest may mean a violation of criminal and civil law and, if such infringement occurs, THE ORGANIZER reserves the right to claim damages by any person to the extent permitted by law.

THE ORGANIZER Is not responsible for any abnormality in the operation of the profile of GALERIAS MADRID In Facebook that for technical reasons, or of another nature, outside of THE ORGANIZER, Could interrupt, suspend or impede the development and / or participation in this Promotion.
THE ORGANIZER Is not responsible for any losses incurred during the postal mailing of the prize to the winning participants.
This contest is not sponsored, endorsed, administered or associated in any way with Facebook. Consequently, the participants exonerate Facebook from any responsibility.
To the maximum extent permitted by law and without adversely affecting any of the inalienable rights, ALMACENES ARIAS, S.L. Will not be responsible for:
(1) incorrect or inaccurate information, whether caused by participants, printing errors or any of the programs or equipment associated with or used in the Contest;
(2) technical failures of any kind, including, but not limited to, malfunction, interruptions, disconnections on telephone lines and network hardware or software;
(3) unauthorized human intervention at any time throughout the partition or the Contest;
(4) technical or human errors that could occur in the management of the Contest or treatment of the participants;
(5) any shipment that is received late, lost, spoiled or stolen;
Or (6) any damage to persons or property that may be caused, directly or indirectly, in whole or in part, by the participation of candidates in the Contest or receipt of the prize or due or improper use thereof. If, for any reason, it is confirmed that a participant's request has been mistakenly deleted, lost or otherwise destroyed or become corrupt, the only solution for the participant is to request participation in the Contest again with the Provided that, if it is not possible to offer a new participation due to discontinuance of the Contest, or any part of it, for any reason, Sponsor may choose, in its sole discretion, among all applications received up to the date of discontinuity Of one or all of the prizes offered in this Contest. No more prizes than those established will be awarded.

Except in cases where it is prohibited, participants agree that:
(1) any dispute, claim or claim arising out of or in connection with this Contest or any prize, shall be resolved individually by the Seville Capital Tribunals, any claim, award or award shall be limited to actual out-of-pocket expenses, In addition to the costs incurred in registering for the Contest, but, in no case will it involve the fees of lawyers;
And (2) under no circumstances may the participant obtain any payment for expenses other than those actually incurred and hereby waives the rights to claim indirect, punitive, incidental and consequential damages and any other damages, as well as As well as the rights that would have increased or increased in any way said damages. All matters and issues related to the construction, validity, interpretation and compliance of this Regulation, or the rights and obligations of the participant and the Sponsor in relation to the Contest shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Spain without the application of any other Conflict of laws rules (whether in Spain or in any other jurisdiction), which could lead to the application of the laws of any jurisdiction other than Spain.

6. Taxation.

The prizes of this promotion will be subject to the tax legislation in force at any time, and specifically to the provisions of both 35 / 2006, of the 28th of November, regulator of Personal Income Tax (IRPF), as in the Royal Decree 439 / 2007, of 30 of March, by which the Personal Income Tax Regulations are approved, and other dispositions agreed and dictated in their applicable development.

7. Data Protection

The data of the participants will be treated in accordance with the provisions of the Organic Law 15/1999, of the 13th of December, of Personal Data Protection (LOPD) and of the Royal Decree XNUMX / XNUMX, of the 21st of December, by which the Organic Law 15/1999, of the 13th of December, on the protection of personal data (RDLOPD) is approved. In compliance with the provisions of article XNUMX of the LOPD, the personal data of the participants will be included in the file "SORTEOS Y PROMOCIONES" whose header and title is ALMACENES ARIAS, S.L. with the purpose of managing the development of the promotion and the delivery of prizes.

Similarly, the data of the participants may be used for advertising purposes or commercial prospecting of products, services and activities included in electronic communications.

Participants specifically authorise ALMACENES ARIAS, S.L. to inform them of new services, promotions and commercial actions that the company will organise in the future, through the distribution of emails The rights of opposition, access, rectification or cancellation of these data may be exercised at any time by sending a request to the email marketing@comerciotextil.net or to the following address: Department of Marketing, Calle Artesa, XNUMX (PI Airport) XNUMX Sevilla